Where are the forum images going?

I noticed that all your forum images are disappearing… :confused: Is there a problem with the place they’re uploaded on, or what’s going on?

I think its just you, I am having no problem.

They were gone for a few days, but are now restored. The forum banner is still missing though… We’ll have to make a new one.

its true it was happening to me…and the banner IS gone.

Yeah. I noticed that.

You mean the thing with samus, a helmet closeup, and the text “P2D forums”? It’s still there.

Then it’s leftover in your cache. Can you save that and put it on imageshack for us so we can restore it?

Okay, glad to help. I don’t have it on this computer, I’m about to switch.
EDIT:I PMed it to dazuro

Awesome, but uh, it isn’t loading for some reason.

I can E-mail it to you. Its 75 kb.

Just upload it there and post the link (choose the direct link to URL bit).

While you’re at it, do the same with the blue “no-post” Samus helmets, if you still have them. The ones we’re using now are darker than before, and it would probably not be very fun to try to match the original colors. So just getting the originals back would be great, too.

I DID use imageshack,but Ill get the…THE IMAGES ARE GONE!!!

…That’s why you take them out of the internet cache and save them somewhere else first. >_< Caches only store what you’ve visited recently.

Oh well. There’s an alternative. Just, anyone, answer any of these questions if you can: Did the banner image stretch only to the Samus and stop, or was it the full 1100 pixels including the background part at the right? What happened if you resized the page? That’s all I need to know.

Edit: Nevermind, I got that part figured out. It should be restored as soon as DF checks his PMs. :smiley:

Fixed :slight_smile:

yay! thx!

bows b4 the all powerful DF

How did you fix it?
To troid92’s question:It did stop at samus.

points to his sig

Hm. Not according to the page source. Oh well. >_>