Tony Hawk Series

I was wondering who else is into these games. I love the series and I can’t skake worth a damn. You learn the lingo as play them to, so you can to a skate park and actually know what the hell everyone is talking about.

P.S. Does anyone here do skateboard?

i also like the tony hawk games, i have 1,2,3, and 4. so yeah, you could say im into them.

about the RL skateboarding thing… uh… my brother skates which did get me into it awhile and i skated for about a week. and well, I Sucked. period. so no, i do not skate anymore, (although i get asked aLOT)

No. The only time I’d play a Tony Hawk game is if I was given it for free.

Although I did like that Pizza Hut Demo Disc one for the PS1 >>

And yes. I said was instead of were on purpose.

i like the games, and i use to skateboard, couldnt really do that much tho

Alright…now…I love the tony hawk games…I SUCK AT THEM THO…I just like to play them…no, I do not own any of them…but, I have played them over my best friends house, who two days ago broke his rist skate boarding…I am a n00b - SkateBoarder…currently learning how to do an ollie…I got my insperation from the games and I hope to soon become a “good” skateboarder…Oh yeh, I can skateboard…really well, actually…just can’t do any tricks…:smiley:

played every singele th game,I like them and cant wait for american wasteland

personally i cant skate(all the times I fell,then i said screw it),tho my friends scate

My best friend, JackAssBoy ( Frank )…fell off his board…we were skating the other day…he fell, like I said…fell…broke his rist…said, “Wtf?” he’s skateboarding like, right now…pce out, gonna go skate now!

PS ( He wears a splint ( like a cast ) and skates…it’s cool…tough )…

I skateboard and I play Tony hawk underground 1 and 2 and soon hopefully also american wasteland :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t skateboard very long but I can do some tricks like: ollie, pop-shove it, Primo flip, Wallplant, switch and some more…

Im starting to skate againsigh

I can finally do an ollie ( a little ) and my bud FINALLY got his own board…now we can skate together gayness

I’m starting skate, and getting the hang of it real quick. I reserved THAW and as a resevation gift I get a free mini digital camera. 8)

Even though its probley going to be a piece of crap anyways. -_-