The Final Fantasy 6 Topic

Has anyone Like this game? I do, and in my opinion it was the best RPG for the SNES.

thats the one coming out for ds soon, right?

god i cant wait, its going to be in 3d for the ds

it came out for PS1. It’s a really good game I play it on my emulator which I am not allowed to give you… I wish I could though. If you do have it, I can e-mail you a movie of a glitch that was supplied by

nah, thats cool…unless you would happen to know where i can get the emulator and rom for metroid 2…for…lets say, very good reasons…reasons i will let you in on early if you want…anyways

if you come across…email me at

its my extra email…

thats all that should be said on page…

did you even play the game before?

once, a friend had it…i got stuck without a map…

i tried to beat it in a couple days, but couldn’t.

No, that is FF3.

FF6 was named FF3 outside Japan. That’s why we had FF1, 2, 3 and then a big jump to FF7 on the Playstation. FF3 has never been released outside Japan before.e

nope… the best RPG for snes was chrono trigger.

dude… People have different opinions.

Out of all of the RPG’s for the SNES, I would have to say SMRPG is the best. I’ve played Chrono Trigger on an emulator. It’s not fun at all… <_<

I like crono trigger but i like ff6 way better… I just hate when people come on here and say shit like only there opinion matters.

heh… i was joking man. dont take me wrong, but ppl that cant take jokes should learn to take them >.>

Please don’t be an idiot… If you ment that as a joke you shoulda mad it sound like one…

alright, count to ten and everyone feel happy.

ummm… what???/??//??/?//slash?/ :confused:

Bah. The first half of the game is absolutely amazing, but after the FLoating Continent it degenerates to pure shit. And the Esper system sucks. Horribly.

4 and 5 are far superior.

And SMRPG is still the best on the SNES.

yea im getting board of it now…

…you just said it was the best RPG for the SNES, and now two days later you’re saying it’s getting boring?

Way to stick to your opinions. >_>

yea but as i was younger, I always like it just for battles… But now i was just playing it today. I got bored of the World of Ruins.

Nah FF6 was :smiley: My fav character is Sabin :sunglasses: