Strange dreams

I once had a dream that I died, I couldnt wake up. It was kinda scary, when I woke up my arms were burning. maybe a night terror??

i had a dream that my mom kept whistling and bitch slapping me.

I had a dream that I was playing a brilliant fangame called Prime 2D, which was Metroid Prime in 2D. Wow, I wish that would come true!


Once, one of my friend’s cousins had a dream he ate a giant marshmallow… when he woke up though, his pillow was gone…

LOL! thats very funny!!! HAHHAHAHHAHA!

once i had a dream were i was going on the highway to e3, but after i slip on a golf course and i was in front of e3, and then terrorists were blowing up e3 and i was pissed so i took a golf stick and start hiting the ground and phazon came out and i was powerful so i went to e3.

hahahah thats great.

pretty much my worst dream that i can think of was when i was younger, and i drempt of a house where everything had eyes on it, kind of like ‘blues clues’ or ‘pee wee’s playhouse’ but in 3d it was terrifying. and then my mom, looking oddly deformed, came out and i kicked her. then i felt bad. :confused:

and i hade a dream that i was in the world trade center at 9/11 (where my uncle died) and the fuckin plane chrashes into the tower and i died. then i woke up.

and 1 where i was sourrounded by rotting corpses, and there was a crucifix with jesus on, and there was also black dogs with blood on them.

if ur in a dream, and u know its a dream while ur still dreaming, you can manipulate your dream and its really weird. and my teacher was talking about it in class once.