Pyro's sprites and art.

got bored so i edited the metroid 2 sprites.

my character Cryos.

my weapon sheet… i know the xm8 series are huge compared to the rest… oh well

my character in various camo designs

the f-14 picture is in a link because its kind of big.


Cool nice edit and the phazon suit looks good I hope that I get better at making sprites. 8)

thanks, the f-14 picture is up

The F-14 is kick-ass and those Megaman edits are pretty nice. Most of the guns aren’t shaded though… unless they are but you need more contrast. :stuck_out_tongue:

the f-14 is well…a good start for your age but it needs work.

the right wing root is too short and is too far foward which makes an illussion of the tomcat buckling right before the elevator.

if the drawing is free-hand it’s pretty good, but i think you should have caught that if you where useing a grid.

thanks for the advice, ill get that fixed up tomorrow… most likley during a science test were having…
as for the sprites ill add more contrast to the shading sometime soon.