Pokemon Diamond Or Pearl

Are you going to get one of them?

  • Pokemon Pearl
  • Pokemon Diamond
  • Pokemon is for retarded kids!
  • I grew out of it.
  • Whats Pokemon?
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I’m going to get pearl version.

Was there ever a difference between the versions besides the legendary Pokemon you could get?
You know, if the Pokemon games didn’t have the Pokemon lisence, I bet they could sell MUCH better without the kiddy image.

There are differences in versions. Such as types of pokemon you can catch.
Some are only exclusive to certain games.

I want Pearl. I want my Groudon to kick Palkia’s butt. XD

Palkia looks much cooler than Dialga, and has a way better ability story-wise. >_>

Besides, Diamond seems to be more popular, so my exclusives will be in higher demand. :3

^ Smart buyer. (lol)

I have Sapphire and most of my friends either have Ruby/Emerald/FR/LG…
Poor them. XD
Now I supply Sapphire exclusives. And of course get some stuff back, from FR.
Since I have Ruby/LG already. >=D

I know that you can get your Pokemon from the GBA ones in Diamond and Pearl by inserting the old cartage in your GBA slot

(I don’t actually play, but my friend is totally obsessed almost to the level of my Zelda obsession)

Damn, this game is more popular than I thought it would be at my school. Any pics of them new legendaries?

Wiki has them all in art form, and Serebii in sprite form. Take your pick. :stuck_out_tongue:

In other news, Palkia is sexy, and as soon as I teach this damn turtle how to dance, I’ll be on my way to catching one.

I have both version and love em. I can,t vote between them.

So you bumped a several-months-old topic to add literally absolutely nothing to the discussion?

Were you dropped as a child?

Do you expect more from these people? Compared to a lot of crap we get around here, that was an intelligent post.