*****Official Sig/Avatar topic*****

omg don giv away ma planz mr abbaerf metroid zinlexl!111!

Daz, the orange one that I’m using now is my latest.

it’s yellow…

Fine… I’ll compramise and say it is orange-yellow. :stuck_out_tongue: It definately isn’t complete yellow though.

Looks yellow to me, and it definitely doesn’t look at all orange. It’s like a dirty yellow… without orange. Yeah. Right-O. Correctamundo. Si. Cabbage. Yes, I dub that color “cabbage”. :angry:

I dub it “oddly sexy baby shit”.

These certainly are the most interesting descriptions I’ve ever heard for a sig…

your sig display only light yellow, yellow and dark yellow

So that does make me the onyl person envious of the hawt 3D render in teh background? :stuck_out_tongue:


*cries :cry: *

I say PE’s sig is more of a gold … or honey color … like amber … which is pretty much yellow, lol …

I want to replace my sig soon, this one is not as good as I could have made it :sweat:

Your current one looks cool, but the color scheme on the area behind the DNA is atrocious and the Samus/SAX looks a bit odd.

CF, your sig is cool! It’s a little squeezed together… but I like it. Notice I don’t have one… :cry: snif… I lack the artistic ability, not to mention the proper software. MS paint just don’t cut it anymore…

Well, mspaint is the best program for editing sprites but it’s true that if you want to have some neat special effects or transparency you’ll have to get jasc or photoshop, so it depends what you’re doing.

I’ll probably get a sig and avvy once I settle down in here.

Heres my set, the one I use over at SCU. I like the foogy effect on it, but a few things didnt turn out as well as I planned. The Magic Wand didnt do to well on DS, hence the slight outer Glow. :blush:

You have any idea how many “love your sig” comments I get about my new one? Made it entirely in Paint. It doesn’t need to be the prettiest or most effect-filled–just make it entertaining, and people will like it anyway! :smiley:

Made that for a contest, but I’m not going to use it as my sig anywhere.

Thats awesome PE. That border, especially. I think the samus layers could blend a bit better, but all and all, its fantastic. 8)

Your borders frighten me, PE. They look like parts you’d find in old cars. No offense intended, but they just keep getting more and more wacky looking… Otherwise, it looks nice. I like the blood splotches on Samus’s suit.

Added some techy-looking cable things, just because I can, and to annoy everyone who doesn’t like my style of sigs. :stuck_out_tongue: