Nintendo Nsider Forums

It happened a while ago, but the Nsider Forums closed down.

Honestly, since the Wii doesn’t have any sort of free communications
, it’s a huge blow to Nintendo’s online community. They basically said, “Go join some forum somewhere else”.

REALLY lame. So I was wondering, where would all the Metroid fans go? I had assumed alot of them would come here since we were pretty well known over there, but apparently not.

Anyway, anyone know any other good general nintendo forums etc…, because I occasionally drop in to ask a question or debate about something.

i used to be on that nintendo name was zeldaprime00.

anyways, i’m gonna miss that forum

Yeah, I heard about this when I saw this article analyzing the crazy things Nintendo has been doing lately:
Part 1
Part 2

No idea what’s up.

That’s gay as fuck. WTF is nintendo trying to do? SERIOUSLY ditch their core audience? That’s EXACTLY what they did by closing Nsider, and disowning nintendo power.

Fuck this, After brawl comes out, Im buying a 360. >_>

Ah, now that’s the spirit ol’ lad! I personally own all next-gen systems, so I’ll be good for quite some time.

I thinka u alla crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(Woo, thanks to an old fucking unstable computer, I get to write this for the second time. So, if it seems at all sloppy in parts, it’s because I’m bored with ranting, seeing as it’s the second identical rant I’ve gone on… but hey, at least I can structure it chronologically this time.)
Moving on…

Are you guys really freaking out that much over this? Ditching the core fanbase? I personally think it’s ridiculous! They don’t LOSE money off of those games. And hm, after they started speaking more about the Wii zapper? I can’t see that being used in casual games, unless they release “Wii sports 2: The Shooting Range.” And while every time I try to click on Nintendo’s sales report my computer’s browser crashes, I’m assuming that if Wii Sports was #10, something also had to be in slots 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. And… when exactly did Wii Sports stop coming with Wiis, if it even HAS stopped coming with them? Hm, turns out when it’s bundled with the system, it’s pretty likely that it will sell JUST as much as the system!! Why would they get rid of variety? Why would they betray us after all this long? Also, why would they kill the promises and all that the Wii Revolution stood for, targeting everyone, not just a narrow audience? Wii=We=Everyone is the target that Nintendo aims to please. They said they are closing the forum indefinitely, meaning they are bringing it back at a date that is unknown to them. It does NOT mean infinitely closed. It means that they are doing what they said, giving the site a massive overhaul! Let’s look at it this way. If you guys had to recode a forum from scratch, would you easily put a date that it would be completed? Now, add in that they may be integrating the forum with the Wii, or the DS, or something else worthy of a massive update. Did it get any easier to place a date on the end of it? And what happens if you hit a snag? After all, it’s a massive update, you are probably trying something new. And say you did have a date, and you hit that snag, then you have to push the date back, right? And there’s no telling that, even if there were no problems, you would get it done on time.
Right. Get rid of Nintendo’s mascots. That’s a good marketing move.

And no, the whole site should NOT be taken down, SPECIFICALLY if it is such a massive update. Who wants to lose the whole Ninitendo website all at once? It is a MASSIVE UPDATE, it is probably going to take time. They are probably doing it in pieces, y’know, the way it makes SENSE. You could lose the whole Nintendo website for X number of months, or you could lose bits and pieces of the site for A, B, C, D, etc. number of months, all of which are WAY less than X. I believe that they are doing the intelligent thing this way. Also, I would like to have the forums updated and complete while they are updating the rest of the site. That way, we can speculate on what direction the updates are pointing to for Nintendo’s future, talk about how awesome the new forum update is, rant about all the fools that suspected Nintendo’s collapse because of such an awesome update, etc., along with all the usual mindless banter. On top of which, I believe the forums needed an update anyway.

OOooo, now the fun part, nintenconspiracy part 2, the part that doesn’t have to do with a fucking forum being updated.

So Nintendo Power is no longer handled by Nintendo, huh? I’m not really surprised at all. No, Nintendo is not short on money. This in no way points for Nintendo being short on money. Nintendo is concentrated on their hardware and software, not a magazine. I like having games on the top of their priorities. They are a game company, after all, NOT a magazine company. Yeah, they have been publishing the magazine for twenty years, but then again, have they been doing THIS WELL in twenty years? They aren’t going to concentrate on ads for a magazine, or marketing a magazine, but more likely marketing and ads for GAMES!
Now, let’s think about this. They are giving Nintendo Power to a new publisher. Huh… y’know, the job of a publisher might well be to PRODUCE and SELL magazines! It is their PRIMARY SOURCE of income. Nintendo’s primary source of income is games and systems. I’m pretty sure that a publisher has more incentive to get a magazine out there than a company like Nintendo. They’re job is to get the magazine out there and sell it, to push it to people. Nintendo just had it there for people who wanted it. I’ve never seen Nintendo Power just sitting on a magazine rack, anywhere. With this new publisher, I’m hoping to see a lot more of them around. I also think that this is an incredibly smart move for Nintendo, because the publisher gets the magazine, the magazine gets pushed to the people, more people know about it, and, hence, buy it, and the magazine tells people all about Nintendo games, gets them interested. They don’t even have to buy the magazine. If it’s just sitting in a store, all they have to do is pick it up and read it, and they may get interested in a game. But, since I’ve never seen one in a store before, that hasn’t been the case so far. So far, everything Nintendo has done has been just common sense.
Besides that, this way, Nintendo Power might get some more freedom. I’m pretty sure that Nintendo had a lock on the crew’s use of certain vocabulary, and that is probably no longer the case. And I don’t remember if it was an issue, but if they do have more leeway, they may be able to write more detailed reviews of M- or T-rated games.
NOT pointing to Nintendo having financial issues.

Now… explain something to me. How does SPENDING money to move around the SALES AND MARKETING division constitute “lack of money?” First of all, if you’re short on money, the last thing you want is spending money and effort on moving people around, which, I’m sure, ended up including a bit of chaos. That would NOT be an intelligent move. Second, it’s the SALES and MARKETING division. I’m sure that moving those people around caused those divisions to go a little slower than normal, which is ALSO a bad idea when you are short on money. ESPECIALLY sales and marketing! The answer here seems so incredibly simple to me. Whether they are or aren’t short on money, moving sales and marketing to San Francisco and New York hold some advantage for Nintendo. If you are short on money, you aren’t going to spend precious money on something that isn’t going to help quickly to stabilize your financial position, and if you are sitting good, you aren’t going to waste money on something pointless. There is SOME advantage to this.


who gives a fuck?
I don’t understand why this is a thing at all. Microsoft got land. Um… so?
Nintendo didn’t need the land anymore, so they sold it. Microsoft purchased it. End of story. Big deal… I don’t see what selling land to Microsoft does against Nintendo and for Microsoft. If I own one pizza place, and another pizza place wants my place as a second store and I’m looking at a better plot of land, they can have it.
I realize, slightly differant with the advantage of the other pizza place gets two stores, but still, you get my point.

Ah fuckdammit. I thought we were done with forums. Ah well…
Ok… European forums close… even less of a thing that the selling land to Microsoft. If they are updating the US ones, wouldn’t it make sense to close the European ones and update them, too? I’ve never been on the European ones, but I’d assume that they were at least similar, and so wouldn’t it make sense to update both?

Now, my rant against ducky v 2.0 is completed. Lessons learned? Google translator fucks my computer, and Ducks don’t have a wiretap to Nintendo HQ, so any conspiracy (specifically thought of by ducks) should be taken with a grain of salt. Listening to little birds is NOT advantageous. And selling land to people is a sin punishable by death, or at least subject to ranting.

So, RedHalberd, they ARE (edit: probably, or at least another forum) opening the forum again at some point, and no one is ditching the loyal core audience. Someone spend valuable ranting time on how the PS3 is getting a price drop in Japan to under 400 us dollars, and, to my knowledge, staying the equivalent of a flamethrower to a wallet here instead.

Sorry, but I didn’t read all of that. I get the idea though. I was pissed off when I wrote that, but Im still not happy.

They said NOWHERE that they’re re-opening the forum. It’s just as easily closed forever as closed for a couple months.

And Nintendo is targeting EVERYONE/Wii, as in the general population. If you didn’t notice, they’re ALREADY slacking on hardcore games.

Yeah, I realize…
but you also gotta take into consideration that hardcore games take longer than Wii sports, if they’re not ports like RE4.
But didn’t they do this with the DS? I assumed they were going to make a bunch of games that show off the controls of the Wii that I didn’t really enjoy, and then start making good games.
Of course, now that there ARE some games for DS/Wii that I would enjoy, I’m in college, and gas is a bitch… as is having no well-paying job openings =)