My samus sprites

Sorry for the horrible BMP format, paint wont convert right -.-;
Anyways, I made them based on metroid for nes, I think this is all I made so far. Oh, one thing, if you like them and want to use them, sorry you cant, SharQueDo of the MFM boards is using them.

They aren’t perfect, but keep up the good work. Soon, you’ll be great at spriting.

All the critters look nice, and so does the second Samus down… the rest just need a bit

of work to bring them up to the other’s standards. Either way, nice job.

the shoulder pads from samus three and down look kinda boxy, and the arm canon looks to wide, and not long enough.
Other then that, they seem awesome.

Those are very cool.

I like your spriting style.

…I wish I could sprite like that. >_>

The Skrees look more like they’re expanding and contracting than rotating. Not bad, other than that.

I like your Space Pirate. :slight_smile: I was always dissapointed when I finally played the original Metroid and there were no Pirates.

Thanks. I had a ton more but I lost them on my black hole of a computer. :angry:

Very nice sprites keep up the good work.But the formatting problem you have you should just save them as PNG it converts 100% the same.

That space pirate at the bottom is just recoloured Samus with some edits, right?

iv seen them befor, aes ago on metroid: fan mission :unamused:
they are great sprites, in my opinion. the space pirate could do with more poses though