Metroid Master

Hey everyone! I’m making a message game board called,’ Metroid Master’ and I’m kinda short of members. Check it out, and if you like it, feel free to join!

I’ll join just because of it’s cool name…
What are you looking at?

…Uhhh, anybody else?

Eww proboards. Try getting invision free or phpbb (I’m sure there’s a free phpbb site out there for use (I think is a good one). Didn’t mean to flame you, just giving you some helpful suggestions for making your boards better.

(Also might want to know Proboards are easy to hack last I remember).

I am Darkmoon… And my annoying little brother is Nomad. I have no clue where he came up with that name…

Damn thats cool…

…That is the BIGGEST bump I have ever seen. O____o

I don’t remember this topic, but it looks to me like forum advertizing. Now it’s just dead forum advertizing, though. <__<

Why did you dig up this topic just to say it’s cool?

Edit: Okay, now I’ve seen the other bumped topics… This place has gotten really spammy in the last 13 days -__-

sigh now that this topic is bumped, i will explain why. its omega. :] not to rat you out, but… you do that a lot. he just… does. thats over a year ago man. a year and a half, and you have to add that its cool? :unamused:

…that bump could be on ripleys…