Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

im thinking of re-buying metal arms: glitch in the system, most likely will be cheap, though i have already beaten it, never got to make use of multiplayer sadly.

what opinions do you guys have on this game?

Never heard of it, please enlighten me.

why are you rebuying it? did you lose the last copy?

i sold the last copy, i beat it so many times.

you guys really need to play it, it is a VERY good and funny game.

it easily is the best third person shooter i have EVER played.

its for all the older main systems (cube, xbox, ps2 (worse of them) )

and you can probably pick it up for just 10 bucks at a gamestop or something.

trust me guys…it is the shit…

i have it! it is really fun. the multiplayer makes it really worth rebuying!

yeah, just have to find out if they have it at gamestop or a pawn shop…

did anyone else just love how funny this game is?

That games is really funny.I played the demo and loved it.I wish i bought that game.