Kingdom hearts

does anybody here like the square enix masterpiece call kingdom hearts?
i know i do
(if this is already a topic, sorry :blush: )

I hate…its the only thing I dont like from SE


i like the game just because it has jack skellington in it… hes awesome!


only because of the guy in halloween town.


its true… hes probably one of the greatest characters ever…

Haha, so I guess RSNG isn’t the only uber-obsessed Jack fangirl[and/or fanboy] in the forum…

thats my faorite world 2!

umm there is a game Nigtmare before chrismas for PS2,XBOX,nad gba(got it for gba)…It kicks ass(way better designs than KH)
(Just posting tis becouse a lot of people lik NBC)

Actually KH > The Nightmare Before Christmas Game, but each their own >_>

(Note: Before you flame me, I was talking about the game itself, not the movie, or story or…Tim Burton 0_o)

All he said was better designs, for the record. Plus he was previously stated to hate the KH game, so of course he’d say that anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

my favorite boss is sephiroth(i still can’t beat him!) whats yours

Cloud-chan for the win. :3

Sephy’s cool too though.


also, i like the behemoth

Behemoth? Like the purple giant monsters from FF, or is there just a new monster by that name? I’ve barely played much of KH :stuck_out_tongue:

its near the end of the game… its in the keyhole thingy in hollow bastion and in end of the world