I LOVE THIS FORUM THIS SITE THIS IDEA TO MAKE PRIME 2D!! i wandered for too long on the internet…for many years,i aways got banned from the forums…because… the hipocrisis of the mods and members…i could never find my place and everone thinks i’m crazy…well, i aready got convinced that i’m realy crazy and theres is no place for me… the same with friend or woman,i will not have this things as any normal human … but this forum, is the closest place that i will have! i mean… this…all this… mixes my fanaction to metroid that i have since 87, with my fanaction for forums… i promisse i will never do anything to get banned from here,i love this place!.. ok this topic is very gay and have no porpuse ,you can close him,i just wanted to tell somebody how i felt