ho do you like Metroid in RPG?

how do you like metroid in RPG?

  • Hell Yeah!!! RPG RULESZ!!!
  • YES! gimme RPG!
  • yeah, sure. why not?
  • hmmm. I dunno…
  • Neh! RPG is not good for metroid
  • i hate RPG!!
  • HELL NO!!! RPG will screw the Project!
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well how do you like it?
a RPG metroid game?

What the hell are you asking? The answers seem to point to a different question than the title and some of each other…

Those are very legible answers…
And the last one doesn’t make sense, it should be series, not project.

I am not exactly sure how successful the Metroid universe will translate into a rpg environment. However, the success could come from the differences between pen and paper rpg’s and platform/pc based versions. For myself, I prefer the origional action/adventure genre of the NES and GameCube to a potentialy FinalFantasyesque rendition.

isnt MetroidMaster making a metroid rpg, newho i think a metroid rpg sounds good, it just depends on you u make it, i wouldnt like to see turn based battle system in metroid that would suck somuch, but adding rpg elements to metroid doesnt sound to bad, i can imagine it now, going through a abbandoned space station and finding a working computer, and being able to buy upgrades.