Help Me -- Gettin kinda desperate here...

Ummm…this is the game I am working on:

I got the BG for the first level and the tilesets from WWakerFan’s MetroidEng…

I just really need help with the wall thing…you can climb them and all sorts of stuff…If you want to help, just email me and I will send you the GMF…:

Yeh…that’s all I really need help with…I can do everything else…so don’t worry…Controls:

Arrow Keys (Left And Right): Move Samus

Up and Down: Aim

‘A’ Key: Jump

‘S’ Key: Shoot (soon to be bombs)

‘D’ Key: Roll (when rolling, press up to duck and up again to stand)


oh, yeh
credit to those makers of music…I forgot who did it…and the sprites I used…basically everything…I am really sorry, but I’m sure hopefully you won’t see this post! ^^


The above link may not work…try this one:

Tell me whether it works or not ^^


OMG! this thing is big! If you can help, just EMAIL ME! OMG

Omg…I’m such a n00b…well, this link here should work…:

^^ sorry

an unexpected error occured when running the game.
looks like you’ve forgot to program sumin in there boss

wtf? It plays just fine for me…argh…anyone…help me, please?!


here is the GM6 file…please…help? ^^

well i just tryed to run the game in game maker and it still dosnt work.
i get all the sprites, rooms, objects etc but it still wont run.

Wtf? I donno, it should run…works on other people’s comps that I know…you’re just messed up…:smiley:

hmm, its true, but as they say, ignorance is bliss :stuck_out_tongue:

but back to the topic at hand, i think it may be because i dont have a reg’ version of gm but it still wont explain why the stand alone demo wont run, it runs all the others

I donno…I use V6, I think…


6.1* LOL

Hey hope the game your makin will be cool i partially said this to get a higher rank and also, have phun…

k. I can help on sprites if you will be making a game of some kind.

Yeh, I haven’t worked on it for a while…that’d be really cool, after I can get the wall thing goin…and yes, I did this the hard way…instead of having it all coded like any other game, i took my time and did it all manually…download the GMF and you will understand…i currently am working on a 3D - First - Person Shooter…I have 1 level down, I am now trying to get level two goin…I’ll have that up too [/subject change]

@calavera: you really cant run the game? how old is your comp? cuz i could, and
@Animationboy, i dont know whats wrong, maybe i will look into it more later.

errr, its a bit of a frankenstein computer.
its not really that old though, the oldest things in it arel probably the chipset and mb which are about 2 years old. the graphics card and, ram are about a year old.
it can play stuff like doom3, hl2, dawn of war and other gm games

meh, my computer couldn’t play it either… not the gm file, anyway.

Well, after reading the intro about your game (the one where it shows samus
without her helmet covered in blood), I imagened Samus pulling out
a pistol, shoving it in her mouth, and blowing her brains out. The story
intro makes it seem that Samus is suicidal… You might want to change that…

lol…w/e…I might not finish this game…I’ve learned a lot more about gm now, tho…and I am currently workin on a new game!

it says ‘file id is not valid’