Harry potter 7

Yeah, I was shocked to see that this lacked a topic.

Anyway, I finished it last night after midnight.

Who else has finished it?

To be honest, I’m not freaking out about this. I mean, it’s the end of the series, right? It’s not like it’s going anywhere. I wasn’t really shocked that this had no topic, either. It was just all of the sudden. No hype, no news, it was just there.

Finished in one-and-one-half hours, and more than a little surprised at the end. Annoyed at the deathlist, but happy for the Love Hina/Rurouni Kenshin style ending.


It took me like 14. I admit I was taking my time, and didn’t have the most peaceful environment. You must have been turning a page ever 10 seconds. I never saw how Rurouni Kenshin ended sob, but I found the ending of HP7 decent. I was actually expecting a MUCH more morbid ending. I guess JK wasn’t as gruesome as I expected. I really like the whole deal with snape though. Very innovative, and the stuff about dumbledores past was interesting. I found Voldemort to be deeper than I expect, mabye in a bad way, but I must say I enjoyed it. It felt like sometimes they threw in characters JUST to have them in the last book.

Anyway, still a great book.

Note to Admin-This forum REALLY needs spoiler tags

PROTIP: The book sucked ass at the beginning, and got better as it went along. I finished it in like 3 days… but I only got to read about half the book at a time, so one of those days I didn’t read at all.

ya, speed reader of the class, and i still get all the content.

But that’s not even speed reading. It’s like lazer scanning the fricken book. You must LITERALLY turn a page every seven to ten seconds or so.

How’d you learn to read that fast.

But I’d say the book didn’t SUCK at the beggining, I felt the suspenseful parts were enjoyable, though the whole Ron, Harry, Hermione conflict was a little annoying (though constructive).

i got it just yesterday and read from 10:30pm to like 5:45 am and i read 345 pages WOOT but then i crashed until 12 noon and then went to see Chuck and Larry.

the deaths i have seen so far have pissed me off.

I agree with red on the spoiler tags it should be black and then you can highlight it to make the background white and the text black.

Lol, I was suprised how many people J.K. spared in the 7 potters, part. I was expecting at least 3 people to die.

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You should Get Talib Kweli’s new album (just came out today). That’s REAL rap music.

I’m addicted to books, if I start reading one, I fall in and am absorbed completely. Therefore, I am able to, as you say, “lazer scan” the book and then experience it entirely in my mind.

Re: the R-H-H debacle: you knew that was gonna happen; JK had to emphasize the trio’s strength through the old cliche of breaking and mending.

Re: Kenshin: For this, just picture the end of HP7, then replace Voldemort with Enishi, Harry with Kenshin, Hermione with Kaoru, and you’ll essentially see what I mean.

yeah… i heard it was out. in fact, i actually saw it was out at a store. i’ll probably get it sometime, but not anytime soon unless my dad pays for it. im saving for a laptop =)

What type, and what OS('s) on it?

i haven’t decided yet. im going to wait until i save up 1K before i start shopping, because who knows how long it will take? the thing i’m interested in might be out of date by the time i’m ready to buy one…

Smart choice.

meh, I’ll wait for teh e-book before i read it <.<

indeed. now, back on topic

how much does the hardback cost ATM?

expensive <.< i think its in the 30$ range

looks like there is a super saver on it =O

…my eyes hurt just thinking about that.

Where did that cover come from and how come i have the crappy one?

It’s karma my friend karma <.<