Happy Birthday Candyman

19 w00t
I would have done this earlier if my day wasn’t shit times infinity. Have a great birthday bruthah!

im glad my party isnt today

today sucked xD

Jesus, mine sucked too.

Bad omen.

But happy birthday.

thanks :3

There’s no birthday party without a cake.

or ice cream!

party isnt till sunday ;D
thats when i get the rest of my presents! xDD
today i got a bottle of champange
its been empty since… idk around 1ish
and a watch with an 8GB flash crive built in
unfortunately i didnt format it before i tried to turn it into a security disk, and it got all fucked up when the computer crashed from the resulting… issues
so we’re trading it in for a new one xD

Today was bittersweet for me. :frowning: :slight_smile:

yeah, apparently today wasnt the best day for alot of people

makes sense if you know me in person

Mine sucked,too.
The last days of the week always turn out bad…
Or at least for me they do.

tommorow is mah partay ;D
w00t w00t

Oh champagen!
btw CM I’m coming to your party. I just don’t have a way to travel a few states >_>

lol, good luck with that xD
i’ll see you in august =P