Halo CE

I just found the PC version of halo at superstore allowing me to play online and what do i find when i go looking for patches on filefront but halo CE. You need Halo installed (i think) and the Halo disk but once you install the two hour download (and yes it is a legal download) and install CE you now have a version of halo solely for multipayer.
You can mod it and give custom maps to i recommend it to anyone who has the PC version of halo

I also recomend the mod Halo CMT this adds halo’s campaign to halo CE with a twist :smiley: the game has better graphics and a bunch of halo 2 weapons :smiley:> :smiley:> plus much more

edit: CMT is evil the mode easy is like the mode elite in difficulty at least i shudder to think what legendary will be like

Don’t forget metroid online, the mod which is awesome.

Me and Syn both agree on this… this game is straight-up not gonna lie amazing. And the mods just add to the fun. I wish they’d come out with mods and stuff from like Warhammer and use weapons like that. But if you take the brute spike then you’ve got your Bolter (pretty much anyway). Oh well.