yeah, just got flash today, its like really awsome. i know its kinda expensive, like $699 or sumin, but its definetly worth it. ive only made a few things so far, 2 movies and a metroid pic, but im gonna lern action script, and make games n stuff.

^^ flash rules ^^

Kinda expensive???

Definetly worth it???



Wheres the rationality in that?

I dont care what kind of program that is, thats a fuckin waste of money if you ask me…but oh, I forgot, you’re rich.


Correction: It’s a waste of money when you can just get a key generator and get it for free.

Flash does in fact kick ass. It’s like Paint, Photoshop, and Game Maker combined. Plus it allows you to make animations and whatnot. Honestly, I’d rather buy Flash than the Playstation 3 because I’d much rather be making games instead of playing them.

Well, mabye. Still, I think Photoshop is a rip off program, so this doesnt sound like a good deal. Sure, it’s true that I dont beleive on spending large amounts of money on things that wont be more integral in my life.

I guess it would really come down to prefference about the PS3 vs. Flash, but I’d go PS3 anyday.

Still, I dont see why you’d spend so much on THAT program.

lol, IMHO, Flash>>>PS3.

ps3 sucks.

This is a topic for discussing Flash, not a topic for bashing the PS3.

haha werent you recently saying you were not spoiled? funny. $699 is uhh… steep i would rather a ps3. but then again i dont like to make games i like to play them.

is it really that great? feel like showing us what youve made so far with it?

I’ve had the chance to use it at school for… well… about five total hours. It’s a really awesome program, but I wouldn’t spend that much money on it… of course, it’d help if I HAD the money, but still… that’s a nice chunk of money.

flash is very good since most people can access it (if you make at least a half decent game, it will most likely become wide spread)

i myself thought of working with it but i am a poor bastard…

well…actually im not poor…just…i dont want to spend money on it…


yes…thats the word…

Two words:

Key Generator

Get it for free and it does own the PS3. Why? Because you destroy less braincells by actually creating rather than mindlessly playing all day long.

I intend on getting it one way or another, and I have a pretty good idea of how…

That doesnt sound legal. :astonished:

Before this goes any further, just everybody make sure you’ve read these rules:

exactly. ps3 is same as the last one, and the one before. sony have no originality.

and id rather buy flash than get it eligally, cuz i dont wanna spend my life in prison.
plus flash has almost endless posibilities.

I know, I know, Troid. I was never going to link in the first place, I’m simply stating that you can. Did you honestly think I’d be that clueless as to do that in the first place?

Flash MX 2k4? I got that a while ago. In fact, I’m using it right as I type.

I was addressing everyone. I know you wouldn’t post links, but others might.

Um …

I bought Macromedia Studio 8, and yeah, though it may be really really expensive, it is totally worth it. I mean, if you know how to use the program.

Plus think of it this way. You buy the program, for say, $600 bucks. Then, if you know what the hell you are doing, you can design some awesome flash interfaces and web layouts for people (like I do), and if you are professional enough, and get the right clients, then you can earn maybe $500 a peice. There. Do a couple of those and it more than pays for itself.

Not to mention I think the program is worth that much. Its an awesome tool, when used right, and the level of depth you can add to graphics, music, games, ect. is amazing.

But thats just my opinion.

yeah, i plan to spend a while becoming great at it and lernin action script. then sell stuff, for like, money. look at the happy tree friends, for egsample. the makers of that made money, and it was all thanks to flash.

Is everyone purposely trying to destroy the English language? You did not use a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence, you moron!