DS and DS Lite

It feels a bit odd to make a thread just for this, but… what the heck.
I just got my DS Lite two days ago, and have hardly been able to take my eyes off it since. But after a couple MPH rounds with my brother, my DS Lite switched from the new sound it makes when you turn it on (high pitch) to the older one (low pitch). And for about half an hour, the old one started making the high pitch noise.

what the fuck?

Not sure about the Lite, but on the original DS, if you have your birthday set to the current day, it will play a high-pitched sound at startup and leave a Happy Birthday message when you sign into Pictochat. Messing with the birthday settings, were you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, that might have been it. My brother (who inherited my old DS) probably changed the birthday setting after a while.

Although the DS Lite was switching back and forth without me even touching the birthday setting… shrug whatever.

It’s weird, my DS speakers do some weird double play. In which every sound sounds double. Like two people who sound exactly the same talking in unison.

Mine does that, too, sometimes. Closing it to go into sleep mode then opening it right away seems to fix it. I also get times where the sound seems to double the high-pitched sounds in the right speaker and I have to blow in there to stop it temporarily, or adjust the flap so it doesn’t vibrate as much… I think there’s a hair or something in there.

maybe ds’s arent as good as we all thought?

Yes they are. Why, because they’re made by nintendo.

So… because of two or three wierd things going on with the sound, it makes the DS bad? I can name quite a few more serious problems with the PSP, PS2, XBox, and XBox 360. It doesn’t make me want them any less.

this is why nintendo pisses me off so much.

gba came out bought it right away, later platinum came out =(
gba sp came out platinum/purple wer out bought right away. later red and black came out =(
gb micro came out, ya screw you i aint buyin
nintendo ds comes out only in platinum bought it right away, later purple comes out =(
nintendo ds has been out for about a year-nintendo ds lite comes out =(
gamecube comes out bought it right away, later on you can buy the gamecube with a oot/oot master quest disk, GOT REALLY PISSED BEING A BIG ZELDA FAN

besides that nintendos awesome ever since 1986

dude i have a psp and a ds the psp is greatbeing able to upgrade and all, but its lacking good games i havnt really been pulled into any games for the psp like the ds but just for the hell of it anyone thinking of buying a psp i’ll name some good games for it

megaman powered up
megaman maverick hunter x
monster hunter freedom
splinter cell essintials (for a while)
medievil ressurection
starwars battle front 2 (not nearly as good as the console versions)

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Well… XBox 360 came out, and people who bought those right away…

ahem Let’s just say that there are advantages to waiting a month or two.

edit: You may want to fix that double post. But I heard FPS on the PSP kinda sucks. I also hear they are very easy to break. But there are some advantages to a PSP…

eb games has a thing going if u trade in ur ds and buy a ds lite (which is 150.00$) u pay 100$…just if u trade in ur ds alone then u get 40$

lol when mine did that i brought in to eb games with my waninty recete for it and the girl at the counter said “happy birthday” and then explained

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hmm on the PSP, my stepdad beta-tested a game (which isnt released yet i guess) i think it was a SOCOM game, which was GREAT! it was online multiplayer and it was a lot of fun. i loved it. i dont know if it IS released yet or not, they disabled all beta versions after a while of testing.

man u must not know where to buy em. everywhere i look, walmart, and even eb games, has em for 130…

We are all of topic… anyways:

Well lets say I did wait a month or two, and now I’m pissed because if I bought it the first time it came out, I could’ve played with it a couple of months earlier AND pay the same price. >:( . Well then, I’ll just say “screw you” to the 360 and buy meself a nice computer with a nice graphics card and play Oblivion. Ahhh…