Doctor Who

well i thought I’d see if there are any who fans here

Woo Who!

Yeah, that was pretty damn awful ^_^;
One of the best reasons to be an englishman :smiley:

ya I’m still working my way through series 2
any one know good a website were I can watch doctor who for free?

DP: Torrents. That’s how I did it.

Lovin’ the Who!

It’s on TV here :smiley:

inventive spoiler taggreat program. I hated the way they

You mean donna! what thay killed her off!!

Crap my spoiler tags failed.

I can’t say anything without making it worse now D:

Cathrine Tate needed to stay for another season.
…and what’s with Rose’s speech impairment?

there was already a topic of this…

they changed the doctor…

You guys are behind D:

well we are an ocean away…

i kinda miss the old doctor. he reminded me more of a time-traveler scientist guy.