Differences in MP2

Is it a sequal? What other weapons and monsters do we fight in the new MP2?

Yes it is a sequal. Beyond that I don’t feel like typing, too tired.

I believe duh. As for new monsters, alot would say “not many”. this is because many are exactly the same as some metroid prime enemies with little to no change but there are many new enemies which are alot to list.

As for new weapons…

Light beam- Plasma beam-wave beam combination. normal shot is precise plasma beam effect. charged shot shoots out 3 orbs which home in on the target and set them aflame.
dark beam: ice beam. Slightly faster firing rate.
Annhiliator: Basically super-powerful power beam (5-ish times as strong) with sound aspects.

Okay–That’s skeptically “new”.

Also brand new is the seeker launcher, in which you can charge your missile launcher and lock on to upto 5 targets (or 5 time to one target if you’re locked on) and fire 5 missiles at once. Fun but mostly useless.

Useless? You can’t beat the game without it. There are many instances where you have to use that.

Only if you’re forced. Ask anyone about a boss battle. It’s mixed on chykka but most people will say super missiles are better otherwise.

Yeah the super missles are definately better than the seeker missle. think about it. Is it harder to charge your beam and press Y. Or hold Y and lock onto the same target 5 time. [U]Also heres the newCharge beam combos the Dark Burst pretty much a ice spreader with the added effect of killing all little enemies. the Sun Something which is a waste to use. and the Sonic Boom a weapon that decimates everything :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: . The coolest thing in the game. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Of course, you’ve got abot 8 shots with it. Then you’ll have no ammo. It should be used conservatively, unless you’re near an ammo station, in which case you may make samus deaf.

Or you could fire SonicBoom at a crowd of enemies and watch ammo rain.

Well, yeah. That works.

On Chykka Super Missles are just a waste of ammo. Using Seekers you can turn him into Dark Chykka in one round!

i don’t know if this is the right place but, is dark samus Metroid Prime? :confused:

Yes, Dark Samus is Metroid Prime. Retro confirmed it in one of their previews for MP2.

You can see that if you watch the 100% ending. :confused:

Dark Samus doesn’t die at the end of the game, so it’s more than likely that there will be a Metroid Prime 3 for Nintendo’s new system.

Which is popularly referred to as the “Revolution.”

I remember the 100% ending to MP, although i got there by cheating (I only cheated on the last boss!) I was sacred by the hand, but also made the connection to MP2 but anyone with half a brain could get that. (oh wait i dont have half a brain, i have a hole one! (uh thats a brain with a hole in the middle)) :laughing:

For some reason no one ever said ammo for beams. yes, there are light and dark beam ammo, for annihilator( the mixed beam) it takes an ammo unit from each light and dark.

If you kill an object with the Dark Beam, it might spawn Light ammo, and vice versa. Annihilator has the ability to spawn both types of ammo.