I was just wondering will the final version of the game support joypads? :confused:

It should, because it has customizable controls.

If it doesn’t, you can just use J2Key.

Wazzat?? I just tried Pressing the buttons on the controller and pressing J and 2 at the same time nothing else came to mind when you said the j2 key.

… XD

No, that’s not what I meant. It’s a program, standing for “Joy to Key”. It translates joystick/joypad movements into specific keys so that programs that don’t support your controller will read the controller as keyboard input, allowing anything to be played with any sort of control method.

Where might i find said program

I dunno. I got it a while ago by Googling “joy2key”.

OK i have it . . . annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it no worky how do i get it to work I have a configuration and it refuses to do anything my controller works fine but. . . you get the picture I hope

Those programs do work, I’ve used them myself to play p2d. You just got to set the configuration right.

Thats the problem I don’t know how to do that. The good for nothing tutorials on the internet explained diddle squat. I have a config for P2D and Joy2Key and it no doesn’t work.

Set the controls in the P2D window to whatever you want. Then in Joy2Key, double-click on one of the joystick key slots (LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, Button 1, etc.) and press the keyboard key you entered in P2D that you want to have on that joystick button instead. Then click “Okay”.

Eg. if you set “shooting/scanning” in P2D to be the space key, and you want to shoot using button 4 on your joystick (it helps if you have them labeled on the joystick), you would set “Button 4” in Joy2Key as the space bar.

The problems come when the buttons on the joystick are labeled differently on the buttons than internally. My “Button 1”, for instance, is actually “Button 4”, and the one read as Button 1 is labeled “Left” on the actual controller. So it can take some trial and error to make it work.

then either the joy2key I have is screwed or i am not doing something right. I create the j2k config and it doesn’t affect anything