Attn: All Castlevania fans.

It’s been ten long years, but we’re finally getting Rondo.

In both original and 2.5D mode.

AND a port of Symphony.

All on one disc.

Yes, please.

so awesome…yet…i have no psp…

to bad the psp is a rip off handheld. now if there was a ds one…

i cant see a ds one coming though.

:O_O: :O_O:

yay! i was gunna sell my psp… but now that i see this theres no chance of that happening.

theres only one real use for the psp. this game is it.

i hope to hell they do a ds version. not that i have anything against psp owners, i just hate sony and wouldnt give them a cent/penny/yen of my money.

Sony isn’t doing anything right these days :stuck_out_tongue:S3=total failure, PSP=dying, Cameras=changed size of adapter so universals no longer work, me thinks that their gonna do something fuctarded with TV’s making it so that only PSs work on them :laughing:


spam pays to be a sony fan.